Dimensional Display Gallery

Faux Granite does not weigh a ton or cost a mint and is very realistic..

Miller Chrysler Jeep, Wolfeboro,N.H.
This large display features the Chrysler logo and text. Each piece was cut out and shaped using high density urethane. Many coats of high gloss enamel paint were applied to achieve a bright, mirror like finish.

William Green Real Estate, New London, N.H.
Double sided, free standing, carved, painted and gilded signfoam display.

Shoppes On the Bay, Alton Bay, N.H.
This fine dimentional display incorporates hand carved individual, cut out letters that were applied to a hand painted MDO surface. The large "S" is carved in an old prismatic style, while the other letters were rounded. The front panel was sandblasted, leaving a distinct, woodgrain effect. All of the letters were gilded and burnished.


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